Chemical free,
good for you garlic

Give your food a
burst of garlic oomph

Whether you like it brushed with butter on crusty bread, tossed in your favourite pasta or folded through your mash, garlic is a flavor bomb.

In its raw form it also has plenty of powerful health benefits – think anti- inflammatory, antifungal and even immunity boosting rewards.

We grow several delicious varieties of garlic: Tasmanian Purple is the most popular for its amazing, rich flavour; the hardy Italian White which is more gentle on the taste buds; and the unique black garlic renowned for its delicate, caramel-like flavour.

Local and wholesome

We combine two loved flavourings to create our special Indigo Farm blend of garlic salt.

Our specially grown garlic varieties are blended with salt and other herbs to build all-round savoury seasonings. They’re ideal as a meat rub and the perfect condiment for baked vegetables, roasted nuts and even freshly made popcorn.

Try it, you’ll be rewarded by the flavour!