Stop and smell the lavender

Experience the
aromatic wonder
of lavender

From curing headaches to improving your sleep, lavender has some pretty impressive health benefits. Not to mention the soothing smell is amazing!

Our lavender fields are filled with rows of the gloriously vibrant purple flowers which are distilled on site to gently extract the oil used to create our beautiful products.

The calming fragrance of lavender essential oils are popularly used to relax the body and help induce sleep. Some even use it to treat allergies and eczema.

As one of the most versatile essential oils, you’ll love its many uses.

From purple blooms to pure essential oils

Our farm in country Victoria, on the beautiful south eastern coastline, is prime for producing sweet smelling lavender.

We grow the striking Grosso variety. Its high oil content and intense lavender smell produces the perfect essential oil. The highly popular Hidcote variety, renowned for its vividly deep purple and aromatic flowers, also thrives at Indigo Farm.

We embrace organic farming practices when growing our lavender because we believe it produces some of the best and most beautiful environmentally friendly products.